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The power behind the Align Cooperative

By bringing a wide variety of team members together, you can broaden the conversation, solve problems and realize faster outcomes. The concentrated effort of many hands and minds is transformative in most organizational applications.

One of the multidisciplinary team benefits is the expanded expertise gathered from several professionals working together on a project or case. 


A team is a complex system. The individual team members are its components, and there are complex interrelationships between the members. A complex relationship is non-linear, often bidirectional, and is influenced by all other relationships such that feedback occurs and the consequences of any change are unpredictable. An essential feature of any complex system is resilience, the ability to adapt to and compensate for the loss of a part. Teams are resilient and resist degradation, a team’s resilience is a common experience because the team adapts to the absence of a team member can without much loss of team effectiveness in the short-term.

Meet th CEO

Meet the CEO and Founder of Align

Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 10.51.20 AM.png

Bob Lebreque 

Phone: 519-890-9763

After spending 35 years in the rehabilitation field, the development of the Align Cooperative is a natural extension of our commitment to improve and streamline service delivery to the personal injury legal market.

Bob launched Align Case Management on a Full Time basis in July of 2019. Bob and his wife, Cindy, have been foster parents for CAS for 38 years. This experience continues to feed Bob's passion to assist individuals who are challenged to reach their full potential.

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