Virtual care is the new face of healthcare. Virtual care “goes beyond” traditional care and episodic responses and is with your client all day when they need support, providing on-demand engagement, expanded capabilities, client-driven convenience, customized care models, and enhanced care.

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Our Services

Invisible-Care is a revolutionary new way to support attendant care. At Invisible-Care, our mission is to bridge the gap between health care and communities by providing real-time and personalized care solutions that are tailored to individual needs. Almost every client with ABI/TBI or concussion has some degree of cognitive and emotional impairment and needs assistance above and beyond home care that is only accessible for limited hours a week. Invisible-Care fills in those gaps. Through a combination of live support workers and enhanced technology, we offer individuals access to the care they need, when they need it.  

​​Invisible-Care offers enhanced, remote attendant care services, provided through technological platforms. Invisible-Care was founded in recognition of the need that exists for an intermittent model of care to support many clients. The clients who require this model of care are often able to physically perform their ADL’s but require cognitive and/or psycho-emotional support. We help with personal care, rehabilitation, sleep, medication, appointments, transportation, meals, companionship, supervision and more. Our PSWs engage with clients regularly through text, telephone, and/or video call means through an encrypted secure software. Close communication is maintained between our management team and the rehabilitation professionals who refer their clients for remote attendant care services. Every care plan is designed to meet specific client needs and is regularly adjusted as needed. For some it would mean a combination of in-person and remote assistance, wherein we would work alongside community home care providers. We manage referrals to ensure clients get a balanced combination of remote and home care, offering a one-stop-shop model for all attendant care needs. We are a national service provider extending support to clients across all Canadian provinces.