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Integra is a medical assessment company, privately owned and operated by Erica Enstrom.  Erica’s 25+ years as a Court Qualified Expert in Functional Capacity, as a Kinesiologist by way of training, and a Senior Executive in the IME space has led to Integra’s roster of over 400 exceptional experts across all areas of specialties and sub specialties throughout Canada. 

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Our Services

We connect, guide and support relationships among Health Professionals, Legal Counsel, Claims Advisors, Employers & Unions to ensure positive and evidence-informed outcomes. We strive to provide value to our clients, our healthcare professionals, our employees, and most importantly our examinees, with emphasis on positive stakeholder experiences through the delivery of assessment, advice and support.  We maintain the integrity of who we are and what we do by choosing to do the right thing, even when it’s the hard thing. This means our clients can expect consistent, ethical choices executed as fairly and transparently as possible. These choices result in objective medical, functional, vocational, psychological and workplace-based advice, assessment, and support that is honest, unbiased, and sound.


Integra offers a wide array of services including: medico-legal, standard of care and causation opinions from over 400 physician experts; community-based occupational therapy services;  vocational, future cost of care, neuropsychological and psychological assessments;  disability and fitness to work evaluations. Integra routinely provides consulting and assessment services to lawyers, insurers, employers and unions on various claim types including personal injury, occupiers liability, short and long term disability claims, sexual and historical abuse, police brutality, medical malpractice and medical negligence,  or fitness to return to work.   In addition, we provide assessment services in niche markets including aviation and marine sectors.


We’re proud of the trust we’ve earned, and we work hard every day to maintain our corporate integrity. With integrity at the heart of our work and relationships, we continue to grow, serve, and adapt to meet the unique needs of our clients.   As Integra is privately owned, we control pricing, service allocation, operational systems and client relations.

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