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Mind By Design® is dedicated to all things mental health. We provide a cutting-edge approach to mental wellness and use the latest in research and technology to assess and treat individuals of all ages. We pride ourselves in a culturally sensitive and informed approach to therapy and understand the importance of the proper diagnostic tools for the most appropriate and customized treatment plans.

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Our Services

We specialize in MVA, WSIB, LTD, and more and ensure to maintain a global perspective on the impact of the injury on the client and the client's family members. In doing so, we have developed ground-breaking relationship and family health assessments to determine the extent of the impact of the client's injury on other areas of their life and that of their families.


This helps us determine the possible need for couples and family therapy and/or the need for assessment and treatment for the client's family members. Moreover, our innovative in-vehicle assessments and systematic desensitization therapy can be conducted within the safe and controlled parameters of our therapist-guided virtual reality technology solution with biofeedback readings. 


With locations throughout Ontario and services in multiple languages, Mind By Design® is delivering accessible, comprehensive, and personalized care with fast report turnaround, no waiting lists, and prompt updates and appointment setting.


For a no-obligation free 15-minute consultation or to submit a referral, call (888) 482-7265 or email us at


Telehealth/Virtual sessions and Virtual Reality Therapy available worldwide. 

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