Pain Care Clinics

Pain Care Clinics has delivered comprehensive pain management since 2014. Utilizing multidisciplinary, innovative, and comprehensive, evidence-based medical practices and supportive healthcare, we diagnose and create customized treatment plans to safely manage our patients’ pain.

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Our Services

Pain Care Clinics will treat physician-referred patients of virtually any source of CNCP:

  • Accessory (XI)

  • Auriculotemporal nerve blocks

  • Brachial plexus blocks

  • Cranial nerve blocks

  • Femoral nerve blocks Ilioinguinal/iliohypogastric/genitofemoral nerve blocks

  • Infraorbital nerve blocks

  • Intercostal nerve blocks

  • Lat. Cut. Femoral

  • Lumbar plexus blocks

  • Lumbar sympathetic blocks

  • Maxillary and mandibular nerve blocks

  • Medial branch block

  • Median nerve blocks

  • Mental nerve blocks

  • Nerve root blocks

  • Obturator

  • Occipital nerve blocks

  • Para vertebral blocks

  • Para vertebral, para spinal blocks

  • Peri-articular facet blocks

  • peruogeral nerve blocks – popliteal

  • Pudendal nerve blocks

  • Ulnar radial nerve block

  • PRP

  • Sacroiliac join injections

  • Sciatic nerve blocks

  • Somatic or peripheral nerve blocks

  • Spinal accessory nerve blocks

  • Suprascapular nerve blocks

  • Supraorbiatal nerve blocks

  • Transcapular nerve blocks

  • Transverse scapular nerve blocks

  • Zygomatic temporal nerve blocks

  • Radial nerve block

  • Lumbar Epidurals

  • Caudal Epidura

  • Botox